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How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws

May 01, 2024

Fido’s adorable paws have become his unofficial symbol: we frequently use paw prints to indicate that certain items or pieces of art are related to dogs. In fact, those furry feet are very important! You’ll pick up some helpful tips on how to properly care for your furry friend’s paws in this blog by a local Dayton, TN veterinarian.

Why Giving Your Canine Buddy Regular Pawdicures Is Important

Fido should receive regular pawdicures to prevent his nails from becoming overly long. This is actually more significant than many individuals comprehend. Having long claws can cause discomfort for your furry friend. 

Additionally, they can disrupt the alignment of your pet’s toes with the ground. That can lead to a variety of issues. your dog may struggle to gain traction, particularly on slippery surfaces, while walking or running. That can lead to him  slipping and falling. overgrown claws can also gradually affect your pet’s weight distribution and walking pattern. That can be quite uncomfortable as well. In addition, it has the potential to contribute to or worsen bone and joint problems, such as arthritis.

Lastly, longer nails are more prone to getting ripped and torn. That can result in infections that can be both painful and potentially dangerous. You definitely don’t want that! 

Clipping Fido’s Nails

We’ve discussed the importance of trimming your dog’s nails. However, attempting to explain this to him will likely result in an adorable head tilt and a perplexed expression. Getting your dog to cooperate may require some time, patience, gentle persuasion, and perhaps a few treats as incentives.

Begin by gently massaging his paws. Reward him with a delicious treat for allowing you to touch his paws. Opt for a top-notch option, like bacon or cheese. Just don’t go crazy with fatty foods. 

Hold his paws gently, offer him his treat, and then release him. Once he has become accustomed to this, introduce the clippers. Don’t cut right away. Just pass the clippers over his feet and let them make a clicking sound to help him become familiar with the noise. Provide a reward, a gentle pat on the head, and a kind remark. Continue to repeat this.

Once Fido appears more relaxed, you can begin clipping. Remember that you don’t have to do all four paws at once. Doing one at a time and rotating daily can be an effective approach. If your dog tends to have a short attention span, this method might be best.

If your pet is resistant to having his feet played with, you can try using a little incentive. You may have come across some videos of people using peanut butter and other treats to divert their dogs’ attention. This could potentially be effective, but there are a few things to consider. When opting for peanut butter, it’s important to select a variety that does not include xylitol, as it can be harmful to dogs. Also, we can’t really condone putting it on your head, even if you have seen viral videos of people doing that. 

Many people are nervous about clipping their pets’ nails. You can get a grinder or a clipper with sensors. In addition, it would be helpful to ask that your vet show you the correct methods. These things can help prevent you from accidentally cutting your pet’s quick, which is where their nerves and blood vessels are located.

It’s important to have styptic powder readily available in case of bleeding, regardless of the clippers or actions you take. 

How Else Do I Keep Fido’s Feet In Good Condition?

Obviously, if you notice your dog walking with a limp or showing signs of discomfort in his paws, there’s an issue. Aside from that, we just suggest doing regular paw checks. Look for any signs of bumps, bruises, cuts, ticks, or blisters, as well as any foreign objects, such as ticks, thorns, foxtail grasses, or gum. You can take care of a small cut or scrape at home using antiseptic, but contact your vet for anything more than that. 

Should I Clip Fido’s Toe Fur?

You may want to. We understand, those tiny tufts are adorable. On the other hand, they may also collect items such as gum or ice balls, resulting in uncomfortable tangles. Seek additional information from your Dayton, TN veterinarian.

How Do I Protect Fido’s Feet On Walks?

Pay attention to the terrain while walking your pet, and stay on soft grass whenever you can. Avoid walking on hot surfaces during the summer. Be extra careful after your pet has been swimming. When dogs’ paws become wet, they can become quite sensitive, much like our own skin.

It’s also a good idea to clean your dog’s paws after taking him for a walk. During the summer months, this can effectively eliminate dust and pollen. That will be incredibly useful if your pet suffers from allergies.

Tip: have pet wipes or clean cloths and a spray bottle of water readily available near the door. Teach Fido that he gets a yummy treat for allowing you to clean their paws. Some pups can even be taught to clean their own paws!

It would be helpful to have a bath mat or thick doormat near the door you and Fido use to go in and out. This will make things more convenient for you, as you’ll have fewer muddy pawprints to clean up.

During the winter months, Fido may experience discomfort due to burns and abrasions caused by substances such as salt, sand, and chemical de-icers. Consider using pet-friendly de-icing products.

Should I Use Paw Moisturizer On Fido?

Absolutely! Moisturizing your furry friend’s adorable paw pads can help prevent cracks and chafing, and will provide a protective layer between your dog’s skin and surfaces that are hot or abrasive.

You’ll need a good paw balm or paw wax. There are many options available. Alternatively, you can create your own!

Here’s an AKC-approved recipe from their website: Mix 2 tablespoons of your preferred oil, such as olive, sunflower, or sweet almond oil; 2 tablespoons of coconut oil; 1 tablespoon of shea butter; and four teaspoons of beeswax in a pot or double boiler on low heat. Keep stirring until everything is completely melted and mixed together. Next, carefully transfer the mixture into small tubes or tins. Allow it to cool completely until it hardens, and then label it. This can also be a great gift for Fido’s friends. It’s a good idea to provide a list of ingredients in case any of the dogs or their owners have allergies.

No need to go overboard, though. If you find yourself in a tight spot, you have the option of using olive oil, coconut oil, or even Vaseline.

Are Boots Good For Fido?

Boots can be a fantastic option for safeguarding your furry friend’s feet, provided that your pup is willing to actually wear them. 

Contact Your Dayton, TN Pet Clinic For An Appointment

Do you need help with taking care of your furry friend’s paws? Has Fido been to our animal clinic recently? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, your Dayton, TN pet hospital, whenever you need!  We are dedicated to providing top-notch care!

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