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Fun Kitten Facts for New Owners

March 01, 2024

Are you frequently overcome with warmth at the sight of an incredibly cute kitten snapshot? Cats exhibit undeniable charm throughout their lives, but they reach peak cuteness—along with heaps of fun—during their kittenhood. What exactly makes kittens so enchanting? What is the irresistible allure of these fluffy bundles that captivates us? Dive into this article as a Dayton, TN  veterinarian shares delightful insights into the world of adorable Fluffy.   Meow-sic to Your Ears   … Read More »

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Teaching A Kitten Proper Petiquette

February 01, 2024

Have you recently welcomed a new kitten into your home? Congratulations! These little creatures are playful and cute, but they can also be quite mischievous. Having a kitten isn’t just about enjoying your new pet’s silly antics. You’ve got some pet parenting to do! Kittens are in a way like human toddlers: they don’t know what is and isn’t appropriate, so you’ll need to teach them good behavior early on. In this article, a nearby … Read More »

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Adorable Dog Resolutions For 2024

January 01, 2024

Happy New Year! As we enter the new year, our four-legged patients are full of enthusiasm and excitement. Fido may not comprehend our New Year’s Resolutions when we try to communicate them, but he will still support us with joyful dances and encouraging gestures as we work towards our goals. In fact, our canine companions may also have their own goals for the upcoming year. In a recent article from animal clinic, a local veterinarian … Read More »

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Common Holiday Hazards for Pets – What You Need to Know

December 01, 2023

The holiday season is a wonderful time filled with joy and cheer, but it’s important to remember that it can present some potential dangers for our beloved pets. While we decorate our homes and savor seasonal goodies, it’s crucial to remain vigilant about common holiday hazards that could harm our furry friends.   Read on as a local vet offers up some tips on how to keep your pets safe during the holiday season.   … Read More »

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How to Keep the Holidays Stress-Free for Your Cat

November 01, 2023

The holiday season is a time of joy, but it can also be a bit stressful for our feline friends. With all the decorations, guests, and hustle and bustle, it’s easy for your cat to become overwhelmed.    Read on as a vet offers up some tips on how to keep the holidays stress-free for Fluffy.   Create a Safe Space   The Power of a Quiet Hideaway   During the holiday season, your home … Read More »

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Exploring Animal Welfare Week – Joining the Cause

October 01, 2023

Are you an animal lover looking for ways to make a positive impact on the lives of our furry and feathered friends? Well, you’re in luck because Animal Welfare Week is just around the corner!    Read on as a vet talks about this important holiday for pets and how you can get involved.   What is Animal Welfare Week?   Animal Welfare Week is an annual event that shines a spotlight on the well-being … Read More »

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5 Fall Safety Tips for Pet Owners

September 01, 2023

With the vibrant colors of fall just around the corner, it’s time for pet owners to take a few extra steps to ensure their furry companions stay safe and happy during this season of change. Just like we humans adjust to the cooler weather and shorter days, our pets also need a bit of extra care during the fall. Read on as a vet offers up five essential fall safety tips to keep your pets … Read More »

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August 1st Is DOGust Day – The Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

August 01, 2023

Every pet owner knows the joy and companionship that dogs bring into our lives. They are loyal, loving, and often considered members of our families. While we may not always know the exact birthday of our shelter dogs, DOGust Day provides an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate these four-legged friends and all they bring to our lives.   Read on as a local vet talks about DoGust Day, how it’s celebrated, and why shelter dog … Read More »

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What Should I Feed My Salamander?

July 01, 2023

Salamanders come in a variety of breeds that differ in shape, size, color, and natural habitat. As with humans, proper nutrition and a balanced diet are key to your pet’s health and well-being. And like most reptiles, salamanders are carnivores. Knowing what your salamander should eat and not eat will help your little friend live a healthier and longer life.    In this post, a veterinarian talks about what you should and shouldn’t feed your … Read More »

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How Do I Keep My Dog Entertained When Left Alone?

June 01, 2023

As much as we’d like to spend all our time with our canine companions, work and other obligations makes this all but impossible. And while it may be OK to leave Fido alone when you’re gone, boredom and even anxiety can get the best of him. When this happens, you’re likely to return home to what looks like a war zone or worse. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your furry buddy … Read More »

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