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Dr. Elizabeth Price
Owner, Veterinarian
Unlike most of her colleagues, Dr. Elizabeth Price didn’t always have a passion for animals. In fact, as a child, she was downright terrified of dogs – even little puppies. Then one day her father brought home a German Shepherd puppy and, after several days of avoidance, the puppy was able to get close enough to lick Dr. Price’s hand. In that instant, all her fears were gone and the two became inseparable. Not only did that sweet pup win Dr. Price’s heart, but he ultimately played a role in shaping her future career!

Having always had a fascination with science and how things work, Dr. Price initially chose to pursue archeology and biology research. In the end, however, it was veterinary medicine that would capture her interest. Being able to combine science with patient care, and the best part – seeing animals every day, just seemed like the perfect fit! Dr. Price graduated from ETSU in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in biology and a minor in anthropology. From there, she went on to attend UTCVM, where she received her DVM degree in 2012.

Following graduation from vet school, Dr. Price decided it was time to move back home. The family friendly environment combined with excellent medicine attracted her to South Rhea Animal Hospital, so she gladly came aboard as soon as the opportunity to do so presented itself. After working as an associate vet here for four years, Dr. Price became part owner of the practice, partnering with Dr. Thompson.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Price keeps busy with her husband Tommy and their three young children. The family has a couple pets of their own, including a talkative black cat named Kiko, and a giant-eared mixed mutt named Ellie May, who loves food and is happy to meet anyone and everyone. In her free time, Dr. Price enjoys outdoor activities, especially kayaking and hiking, and reading sci-fi novels. She hopes to one day get back into painting once life finally settles down a bit.
Dr. Sherle Thompson
Owner, Veterinarian
Dr. Sherle Thompson is proud to serve the area’s pets and animal owners as a veterinarian and co-owner of South Rhea Animal Hospital.

Dr. Thompson completed her undergraduate studies in animal science at Auburn University in 1993, then earned her Doctorate at the University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. She joined the South Rhea Animal Hospital team in 2000, becoming a co-owner in 2005. Three years later, Dr. Thompson was instrumental in the founding and building of Sequoyah Animal Hospital, where she currently practices.
Dr. Sarah Wallace
Associate Veterinarian
When Dr. Wallace was around eight years old, her father discovered an injured seagull at the beach. The bird couldn’t fly or eat because a fishing lure was stuck through his wing and beak. With no vets or rescue organizations in the area willing to assist, Dr. Wallace and her dad decided to take matters into their own hands. They carefully removed the lure, and gave the bird food, water, and a safe place to recover. The bird was successfully released back into the wild and returned to visit for several summers after. This experience sparked something in Dr. Wallace, and she knew then that she would one day become a vet.

Much of Dr. Wallace’s early career journey took place in Ohio, where she grew up. She spent four years in undergrad at University of Findlay, double majoring in animal science and biology and minoring in chemistry. After taking a year off to travel and spend time with family, Dr. Wallace was accepted into The Ohio State University of Veterinary Medicine. The four years that followed were filled with anxiety, friendships, tears, failure, successes, self-discovery, tons of coffee, so much studying and growth into the veterinarian she wanted to become.

Dr. Wallace found her work family at South Rhea Animal Hospital shortly after graduating with her DVM. She feels lucky to have found such a perfect fit for her very first job out of college. Professionally, she appreciates the variety of species that come into the clinic. Every day is different and there is always something new to learn.

Outside of work, Dr. Wallace has several fur babies of her own. Her canine children include a Great Dane named Gypsy, who is a total couch potato and loves attention, snacks, snuggling, and being pampered; a sheepadoodle named Barbara, who has an endless supply of energy, love, and pep, and enjoys jumping when she’s not supposed to, being dirty, and getting attention (good or bad); and an Irish Wolfhound named Shaggy, who loves to explore outside and is a total mama’s boy. Dr. Wallace’s feline family members include Scrotum, the OG and MVP who is both a master snuggler and a total diva; Epidermis, Scrotum’s boyfriend, a dapper lad who is featured wearing a tuxedo on Dr. Wallace’s arm tattoo; and Scabbers, son to Scrotum and Epidermis.

In what little spare time she has, Dr. Wallace can usually be found exploring the outdoors with her pets, exercising, or playing pick-up sports. She also enjoys drinking coffee (or margaritas – depending on the day), settling in with a good book, or visiting with friends and family.
Dr. Katherine Ransom
Associate Veterinarian
As a child, Dr. Katherine Ransom was fascinated by science and anatomy. She would frequently perform “surgery” on her stuffed animals, opening up the seams, inserting a coin, and then sewing the “wound” back up. It came as no surprise that she would one day grow up to become a vet. Now she gets to put that childhood practice to work helping real animals live happier healthier lives!

Dr. Ransom’s career journey began in high school when she worked at both an animal rescue and a pet store. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in biology from Mount Holyoke College, she spent some time working in her home state of Massachusetts as a veterinary assistant before going on to obtain her veterinary degree from Tufts University in 1999. Dr. Ransom joined the South Rhea Animal Hospital in 2022, after relocating to the Rhea County area.

At home, Dr. Ransom lives with her husband and their two children. The family has quite the collection of pets, including four dogs (Memphis, Izzy, Leia, and Indigo), two cats (Gringo and Pico de Gallo), one bunny, and 14 chickens. Indigo can jump so high that if he were a human, he could easily win a pole-vaulting competition. Dr. Ransom’s favorite pastimes include crafting, spending time on the lake, taking walks in the woods, and winning the occasional 5k race. Her favorite holiday is Halloween.

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