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Help Your Overweight Pet Slim Down

May 01, 2018

Many pets weigh more than they should—in fact, almost half of all dogs and cats are overweight! It’s up to you to help your pet shed the excess pounds and return to a healthy weight. Learn more here from a Sale Creek, TN veterinarian.

Visit the Vet’s Office

Before doing anything, schedule an appointment to have your pet examined at their vet’s office. There, the vet can confirm whether or not your pet is, in fact, carrying excess weight. From there, you can work toward developing a diet and exercise plan that will help your animal friend lose the weight safely over time. If you suspect your pet is obese, call your vet’s office today to get started.

Use Portion Control

A key part of your pet’s weight-loss plan will be portion control. The leading factor that causes obesity amongst pets is overeating! Never free-feed your pet, which means leaving food out at all times for them to munch on as they please. Instead, use measured portions and take away uneaten food after 20 minutes or so. This will ensure your pet doesn’t overeat! Ask your vet for specific details.

Switch Foods

Sometimes, the food that your pet is receiving just isn’t up to par. Low-quality budget foods have a lot of “filler” material and provide your pet with too many empty calories. A premium pet diet that suits your companion’s age, breed, and weight goals, though, will give them all the essential nutrients for a healthy life! Consult your vet for a recommendation.

Exercise Regularly

No diet and weight-loss plan is complete without regular exercise. Make sure you get your pet moving on a daily basis, several times per day. This will burn off excess calories and help keep your pet trim. Play in the yard, use a favorite toy, or wrestle around on the living room floor—your pet will have a lot of fun, and they’ll be losing weight at the same time!

A Note on Treats

Keep an eye on your treat usage. Do you give your pet treats or table scraps for no real reason? That’s only giving them extra calories! Keep treats and table scraps to a minimum; use them as rewards for good behavior only.

If your pet is looking extra pudgy, it’s time to act. Set up an appointment at your Sale Creek, TN veterinary clinic today. We’re here to help!

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